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This course provides an in-depth study about various departments of airlines as well as airports. Kairos Institute helps all aspiring students to empower their skills through job oriented aviation courses. This is an instructor led training where in the pupil learns about the basics of Airport and Airline Management. Learn more.


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Introduction to Airport & Airline Management - Topics Discussed are: + Aviation + History of Aviation + Civil Aviation in India + Indian Civil Aviation Governing Bodies + What is an Aeroplane? + Types of Aeroplanes + Narrow Body and Wide Body Aircraft + Parts of a commercial Aeroplane + Major Commercial Aircraft Manufacturers + International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) + Bilateral Agreements and Freedom of Air + International Air Transport Association (IATA) + IATA Airport and Airline Designators + Airport + Types of Airports + Airline + Types of Airline + Airline Products and Distribution + 24 Hour Clock + Universal Time Coordinate - UTC
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Birds Eye View: + History of Aviation + Bilateral Agreements and Freedom of Air + ICAO Annexes + Civil Aviation + International Air Transport Association (IATA) + Advantages of IATA + Airline Products and Distribution + NATO Phonetic Alphabets & Numerics + List of all Countries in the World + Country and Currency Codes + Passenger Air Transport Terms and Definitions + Air Cargo Terms and Definitions + Special Service Codes (SSR) + Air Transport Abbrevations and Meanings + Classes of Service Available on a Flight + Four Forses of an Airplane + Airport Sign Systems + Air Trafic Areas + Airport Ground Equipment + IATA / ICAO Codes of Airport, Country and UTC
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Passenger Ground Services (PGS): + Introduction to Airport & Airline Ground Operations + Computer Reservations & Departure Control Systems Function + Check-in Procedures for Passengers and their Baggage + Conditions of Carriage, Boarding Procedure And Close-Out Messaging + Dangerous Goods Regulation (DGR) + Managing Passenger Interaction + Aviation Security Requirements For Passengers And Baggage + Enhanced Passenger Facilitation + Future of the Industry
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Global Distribution System (GDS) / CRS : + Introduction + Focalpoint + Terminal Identifier + Sign On + Emulation + Work Areas + Encode / Decode + Scrolling Commands + Timetable + Availability + Flight Details + Booking File + Mandatory Fields + Name Field + Phone Field + Ticketing Arrangement Field + Received from Field + Sell Entries + End Transact + Ignore + Retrieval of Booking Files + Sell Agreements + Service Information + Optional Fields + OSI – Other Supplementary Information + SSR – Special Service Requirement Programmatic SSRs + Ticket Notification + Meal Request + Manual SSRs + Mileage Membership Field + Seat Request + Notepad Field + Review Booking File Field + Address Field + Itinerary Remarks Field + EBFS – Enhanced Booking File Servicing + Host Emailing Functionality + Past Date Quick Booking File Retrieval + Retention Segment + Printing + Itinerary Modifiers + Divide Function + Booking File History + Queues + Message Queues + Booking File Queues + Action / Advice Codes + Change Segment Status + Fare Display + Fare Quote + Best Buy + Fare Guarantee Policy + Focalpoint Shopping + Point and Click + Stand Alone Entries + Practice Exercises + Travel Industry Phonetics + Correct Booking Practices
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