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Grooming: What should be given importance..

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Grooming is the art of self presentation and is the sum total of person’s appearance and his attitude as well as a projection of his/her personality. Grooming thus consist of two aspects:

  • Meta Physical
  • Physical

Meta Physical Grooming consists of projecting certain attributes of one’s personality. One must appear pleasant, elegant, confident and easy going without being casual.

Physical Grooming consists of appearance which is categorised by the quality of skin, hair, hygiene, dressing, make-up, etiquette etc.

In any profession a person should have Attractive personality, Social person with an interest in people, naturally warm & pleasant, patience, and professional attitude, well-groomed, good communication, confident, enthusiastic and charming.

Looking your best will leave you feel good about yourself is the first step. The fact is that people with higher self-esteem stand taller, project and sense of friendliness and even smile more. The confidence is naturally attractive. Hygiene, exercise and proper diet can help your body look its best.

Feeling your best also means accepting yourself for who you are and accepting yourself as you are, as these attributes you should not change for they are what make you unique and different from others, stop worrying about your height, age, skin, colour etc. Grace and confidence will make you stand out more than any plastic surgery will. Learn to stand straight vertical alignment, this shows effective confidence. This means from the top of your head through the centre of your body and to your feet, it is best to learn to examine yourself in a full-length mirror. Make sure that your shoulders are level with each other, align with your hips.

Devote at least 10-13mins each day to an exercise routine. This will help your body look and feel it very best. Handle your skin with care, use sunscreen when you stay out in sun and drink lot of water. Eat healthy, proper eating habits are an effective easy to look and fed your best. Eat foods that are rich in vitamins and calcium. Make sure to take a daily vitamin. Always we should know the better you become the better you attract.

“Looking good isn’t self importance, its self respect” famous quote by Charles Hix.



Prepared by

Lakshmi Madhu


Kairos Institute, Thodupuzha

   2019-10-21 21:56:02
   Kairos Institute

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