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Few Tips to Handle Negative People...

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Why do people always talk negative about others? It’s simply because they want to bring them down and that’s the only thing they enjoy doing. So what should we do when faced with a negative friend, co-worker, family member or colleague? At first you listen, offering a concerned ear and hoping their talk is just a temporary phase. After all, everyone has a bad day.

But if we are dealing with a routinely pessimistic person, you're at risk of being weak emotionally. Negativity can be infectious, and if we don’t take action to protect our mindset, we may find your mood infected with hostility.



  1. Don’t buy into their negativity.
  2. A tough person is locked always in negative thoughts and these people have demanding nature who always put pressure on those close to them. They want others to always follow them and be there for them in any situation. Always limit the expectations while dealing with them as negative persons are always not a good choice to turn when you are down. When you do engage with them, use cautious language. You can't change their personality, but you might neutralize their toxic outlook.

  3. You are not their problem solver.
  4. The only person whose pleasure you can control is your own. You can remain affirmative when dealing with negative people, but don’t fool yourself into thinking you can cheer them up or change their mindset. Ultimately, the best way to protect yourself emotionally from a negative person is to be secure and assured. Don't let a negative person cause you to doubt your skills or challenge your need to chase your thoughts.

  5. Give yourself a break.
  6. Setting limits is how you can give yourself a break from such people. You need space where you can clear your head after dealing with someone who zaps you emotionally. Keep the negative person at arm’s length to avoid being speechless by their toxicity.

  7. Hold your tongue.
  8. When dealing with such negative people it’s often that we get angry or frustrated, but save yourself the hard situation be being calm. Answering angrily only feeds their negativity. Clutch your tongue and listen. Finally, when they recognize you won’t give them the reaction they seek, they will take their angry rages elsewhere. Moderating your expressive responses can be difficult, but it is key to preserving inner peace.

  9. Take charge of the conversation.
  10. When a person is continually complaining about certain subjects, we can use a technique called appreciative inquiry, which is the process of asking questions to help the person increase a more positive attitude. If the person is worrying about a past event, ask questions that focus on the positive aspects of their involvements or about the future. Reframing the negative language helps them emphasis on how to achieve a livelier future in a positive way.

  11. Be the light.
  12. Attempt to personalize positivity. Wear your passion like a shield against a negative person’s attack of anger. Affirm your positivity by doing nice things for a negative person on occasion. Praise them for something they genuinely did well. Remind them of an instant when they were happy and things were going well for them. Small gestures will chip away at their negativity. They might ultimately find joy, but if they don’t, so be it. You can have an effective connection with a negative person as long as your outlooks are based in reality. Don’t expect massive changes overnight. The only person you have control over is you, so emphasis on your contentment. Rise above and remain positive.



Prepared by

Lavanya Ravindran

Academic Coordinator

Kairos Institute, Ernakulam

   2021-11-10 16:07:25
   Kairos Institute

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