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Cold Chain Logistics

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The term Cold Chain is a temperature controlled supply chain. It is a sequence of motions and gadgets enforced to preserve a product within composed warmth, from the harvest to the ultimate consumption. Cold chain are common in foods and beverages, pharmaceuticals and chemical industries etc. an unruffled cold chain is an unimpaired sequence of keep cold production. The major purpose of cold chain is to conserve and protect the shelf life of the products. Here the term shelf life denotes the duration or lifetime of a commodity, which can be hoarded without left out becoming ill-equipped for usage and utilization or disposal.

Elements of Cold Chain
  1. Cooling system
  2. Fetching goods like foods and beverages, vaccines (pharmaceutical), chemicals etc. are keeping in a controlled temperature for storage and transportation.

  3. Cold storage
  4. Large refrigerated room provide a below outdoor temperature for storing goods over a certain period. It is often located near shipping port for the purpose of import and export of items.

  5. Cold transport
  6. A temperature or humidity controlled supply chain need in industries such as food and beverages, vaccines and chemicals. These will help to safeguard the integrity of the shipment.

  7. Cold processing and distribution
  8. Giving adroitness for the metamorphosis and refine goods as well as assuring hygienic conditions.



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Arjun A R


Kairos Institute, Thodupuzha

   2022-02-03 14:23:06
   Kairos Institute

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