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Industrial Relations, A Major Challenge to Management

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Diversity is the key to any industries and industries are the backbone of an economic system. Managing industrial relation and peace is definitely is not an easy task. And what if the case of different industries? Industrial relation is a systematic behavior pattern implementing by a management or a state in order to maintain the industrial peace and harmonious working environment. As the name indicates, simply industrial relation is something related to the relationship among industrial factors. That means employer, employee and the concerned state. This not a narrow term which explains the relationship between an employee and employer. Apart from this it has wide impact on the productivity of every organisation. As everyone are different and diversity usual in a workspace, there comes the importance of labour management.

When different person joints together in a work space, conflict is common and labour management and proper industrial relation becomes necessary. In short Industrial relation depicts on the relationship among all factors involved in a business firm. The main target of Industrial relation is to ensure the cordial relationship.

As per Dale Yoder Industrial Relations refers to the process of management dealing with one or more unions with a view to negotiate and subsequently administer collective bargaining agreement or labour contract. According to J T Dunlop, Industrial Relation is the complex interrelations among managers, workers and agencies of governments.

Industrial relation is one of the broad term which enhances the productivity and performance of every industries. In short Industrial relation can be influence the economy as a whole. The study emphasizes on a participative management, an engaging workforce and the state or government which controls the entire system. As the industrial policies are dynamic, we have to constantly monitor it frequently. The industrial democracy is possible only when we have proper industrial relation policies. Proper grievance handling, the laws which protecting the interest of every factors, better working condition, constructive attitude of trade unions will be the pillars of a best Industrial Relation System.



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Veena Vinod


Kairos Institute, Thodupuzha

   2022-02-14 14:30:20
   Kairos Institute

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