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Kairos Institute Director CEO Jacob Mathew

Director's Message

With immense pleasure I warmly welcome you to KAIROS INSTITUTE.
Kairos (pronounced “kai-ros”) in Ancient Greek meant “time” – but it isn’t just any time. It is exactly the right time to do a particular thing.This is the right moment to invest in a career in growing AVIATION and LOGISTICS industries, where the need of the hour is professionalism. Aviation, Tourism, Hospitality, Shipping and Logistics industries are expanding rapidly. Every aspect of these industries have swelled up to become a specialization in itself. At Kairos Institute we help you to explore every such area. We will help you to DREAM, LEARN and DISCOVER the dynamics of this industry and be part of its growth story. We will groom you with the skills required to effectively contribute and make your mark in the world of aviation and logistics
Here you will learn how to perform to the highest standards and fulfill your potential at work from sharpening your mental ability and becoming more productive for finding and learning from mentors. Achieving excellence not only gives practical techniques for leading effectively and influencing others, but also shows you how to develop the confidence and drive to become outstanding and successful person in your respective field.

Our vision is to enrich the lives of our students, enabling them to grow both in their choice of profession and as individuals. Our level of professionalism in all areas of our operation delivers excellent and efficient service to the field of education on a global scale.
The time and money you spend at Kairos Institute is an investment for your future that will reap rich rewards lifelong. We look forward to transform your dream job into a reality! Remember, today is the first day of your promising career. I will be with you every day to ensure that you get the best training possible in Kairos Institute.

Jacob Mathew

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