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“The things you are passionate about are not random, they are your calling.”

– Fabienne Fredrickson

Jacob Mathew is a multi-faceted personality who has made his mark in the field of Training, Marketing and Brand building. In the short span of his career he has amassed in depth experience as Motivational Speaker & Success Coach (more than 5,000 hours training experience) , Marketing Head & Business Development Manager (6 years experience) and Administrator. Currently, he is the Director- Operations & Training of Kairos Institute and Founder and Director of Kairos Future Job. He has proven skills in oration, excels at anchoring programmes and has conducted workshops and camps for youth at various colleges in the state. Read More >>

Our vision is to continually explore the great potential of human beings to create successful, value based, committed leaders for a better world.

We are creating and applying better tools, strategies to improve all aspects of human beings through various media- training, coaching, publications and multi media

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Jacob conducts multiple sessions and programmes for corporates and large audiences. Check out his life changing programms to achieve corporate and individual excellence

Mr. Jacob Mathew, with his rich 10 years' experience as corporate trainer, inspires you to explore your potential by various inspirational speeches and classes and by using success principles. This helps one to transform life. Life is a choice. It can be designed as per your desire. The capabilities with which human beings are born are tremendous. The potential of the capabilities needs to be explored This can change the outlook of your life. He has the skill to detail these things in a simple, humorous & unique manner. The contents are as below.

• Reason for us to resist change.
• Changing your belief system.
• Dynamics and importance of personal change.
• How important is sincerity and commitment towards profession, family and personal life?
• Principles of success.
• Your destiny is your responsibility.
Anybody who wants to succeed in life can participate.

How you approach a business professionally? The failure of most failed business organisations is due to the non-professional approach towards it. Business development program is an educational and professional development program. This helps business people to develop their business thinking, tools and strategies required for professional business development. BDP deals with

• How to handle Finance of your business.
• Strategies for Customer Relationship.
• Business mindset and Employee mindset
• How Important is systems in business?
• Business management tools
• Manpower management skills
• Analysing tangible and intangible elements of business

With the help of this training small and medium business people will learn how to rediscover their business and make strategic planning for future growth of the Organisations. It teaches the professional approach towards the business. This is training is suitable for business people, new entrepreneurs, management students and people who like to start a business.

Students are the next generation for who will contribute to the future society. India has 30% youth in its population. Hence students should be transformed for social reformation. We need talented value based, skilful & compassionate youth to contribute to the society. SEP consists of:

• What is effective time management?
• Increasing learning efficiency with knowledge of examination strategies, study methods and memory.
• Relationships in education period and its dynamics.
• Principles of personal excellence- Confidence, character & values
• Effect of beliefs on our decisions and studies?
This program is designed for the benefit of Students school or college level.

Jacob Mathew

Mr. Jacob Mathew is a highly trained professional in sales and is capable of handling all aspects of sales. Sales is the second highest paid profession in the world. In all professions or business sales is and an inevitable part. Sales psychology is to be learned to become a professional sales person.
The sales training includes:

• Steps of sales process
• Customer relationship
• Effective Communication
• Constructive handling of objections.
• How to identify buying signals?
• Sales closing techniques.
• How to effectively use body language in sales?
This is designed for persons involved in sales- Field sales, Counter sales, Direct sales, insurance etc.

In our culture we consider teachers equal to God. Teacher’s dedication plays a vital role in the character building of students. They are the main catalysts for social change. (Madha, Pitha, Guru, Daivam) Hence teachers are highly influential in a student’s life. 

This is the era of learning. Learning principles and new teaching methods are devised regularly by educational innovators & professionals. Unfortunately, most of our teachers are not aware about these new findings.

We have designed the TOP in such a way that teachers get trained in all aspects of teaching- Teaching methods & new brain based learning, effective communication (verbal & non-verbal), dynamic teaching, different learning styles of students, visual, auditory and kinaesthetic methods of teaching etc.

Teaching is not only the knowledge transferring process. On completion of this program teachers will get insight into this to understand that teaching is rather a transformation process.

Creative thinking program / Out of the Box helps your employees to discover the art of creative thinking and learn how to generate, evaluate and select correct ideas and solutions, quickly and easily.  This Program consists of practical thinking tools and techniques, delivered by experts to help company achieve personal and business growth.

Great Scientist Albert Einstein has quoted “Imagination is more important than knowledge”, The way one thinks is what places them out from the rest. Creative thinking is undoubtedly the most important skill that one needs to master.

Professional mind maps for business and education would also be included which will help in team brainstorming ideas, strategic planning as well as other skill enhancing personnel techniques.


Soft Skill Certified Professional

Employability skills in 16 hours!

Students to the top level management

Your customers bring more business!

Corporate personality enhancement

Enhance productivity, curtail iteration!

Boost your personal & professional life

Jacob Mathew

Blue Ocean Strategy

Watch this video to discover what the Blue Ocean Strategy is. This is one of the best strategies you can apply for your business.


Unlock Your True Potential, fully designed for a life transforming experience comprised of knowledge, entertainments and practical exercises.

Mr. Jacob Mathew is highly experienced and talented in imparting training to empower you to achieve your dreams and become successful in your life. This coaching is designed for anyone who wants to be successful in life. People from all walks of life. Like celebrities, artists, sports person, professionals etc can opt for this coaching.
• Achieving your goal.
• Confusion about your career.
• Struggle to explore your own potential.
• Lack of clarity about your goal in life
• Strategy to achieve your goal
• Execution of decisions in your life.

Mr. Jacob Mathew, with his rich 10 years' experience as corporate trainer, facilitates you to make clarity in your business strategies and achievements. Any small, medium or large enterprise businessman can get benefit from this process.

• Planning to start a business. Plans and strategies for a start-up.
• How to manage systems and resources - people, money & other resources in your current business?
•  How to understand about the next level of business from the stage of your current business.
• Lesser growth rate than your expectation.
Ways to move forward with a stuck situation in your current business.

• People transform their ideas into a profitable business
• Individuals convert a challenging career into a completely satisfied and fulfilling one
• Couples transform a rollercoaster relationship into a thriving and valuable one
• Women find value in life, respect at home, work and in the society
• Professionals accelerate their performance with ease and elevate to a the next level
• Individuals identify their personal genius and experience a life of excellence.
• Families evolve, embrace differences and enjoy togetherness with love and respect for one another.
• Parents & educational institutions bring about a change in the upbringing and nurturing the lives of toddlers to teens to young adults.

Jacob Mathew


We have dedicated corporate training arm which aligns its deliverables with tailor made programmes for various clients. our training programme, encourages, builds, boosts and uplifts morale of corporate employees, students, NRI's, Teachers, Parents, Family and other professionals.

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Our Interactive training courses feature engaging videos, dynamic learning exercises with real-time feedback and more.

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