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I am so proud to be a part of a fast growing aviation industry. It s my great pleasure to work with colleagues from different countries. Working with an Airline is very demanding and challenging. It s really an exciting career. Kairos Institute will help you to achieve your dream career. I wish all the very best and success to Kairos Institute, Thodupuzha.

Reeja George
Kuwait Airways

Greeting from the USA! May your journey as a Flight Attendant be found Prosperous! Aviation and Logistics are right choices for your career.

Jeri Roberson
Corporate Flight Attendant (USA)

I heartily congratulate Mr. Jacob Mathew for this incredible startup. The Kairos Institute has got amazing platform for the students across the country to enhance their skills. I found that it's highly applaudable to see such management skills on a single platform including AVIATION TRAININGS, HOSPITALITY, Brushing SOFT SKILLS, PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT, MIND POWERING programs and a lot more incredible training options. This effort of the team and Mr.Jacob Mathew is highly commendable

Stuti Pandey
Teacher Education Leader, Varanasi

Aviation and logistic industry is coming up with a boom. There is a high demand for skilled employers. During my initial working days at the airport, I had no formal education about many procedures which are at work there. But now I feel Kairos Institute will be able to produce quality staff for aviation and logistic industry. Mr. Jacob Mathew the director of the institute is such an experienced person in this field. That I m sure he will be able to nurture the abilities of each student.

Rincy Manoj
Former Staff Oman Air, Dubai

First of all, my heartfelt warm wishes and congratulations to Mr. Jacob Mathew on his dream venture "KAIROS INSTITUTE". As the name itself suggests, this is the right and opportune moment for all those who have a strong will and ambition to move into the aviation and logistics industry. I strongly wish to point out the excellent and professional attitude of this institute: the coordination, standards and course organisation are of high quality. KAIROS INSTITUTE presents itself as a dynamic

Angel Joseph
Former security staff in Air Deccan, Bangalore

It was my great wish to work in a direct airline. I tried and attended many interviews. After getting rejection from many interviews I had a confidence that definitely one day I will. Finally, my day came. If we have passion and if we work hard definitely we gonna go ahead. Aviation industry is one of the most glamorous and demanding job. After getting experience, there are more opportunities in cruise, five star hotels and every where. So it's a great career and opportunity for people who choose aviation industry.

Assistant Security Officer in Hyderabad International Airport